Kickstarter for NEW SINGLE!

Hey there fancypantses!

We just launched our new Kickstarter the other day. We’re trying to raise money for our next vinyl single “Devil’s Tango”, because vinyl isn’t free y’know. As we’re writing this, we’ve got 1200 SEK so far (at current rates, that’s just above 120$) from only TWO BACKERS!

Why don’t you pitch in and choose one of the cool rewards we’re offering?



Yup, we have a new show.

The first Gothenburg show with Leo on bass.

He’s the bee’s knees!

Those of you who are either living in Gothenburg, or at least the right part of Sweden (or feel like traipsing all across the globe to see us) should check out the Facebook link:
We haven’t been able to find a homepage for the venue,but it’s called “Prins Viktor” and it’s on Fotögatan 9 in Gothenburg.
It seems that the doors open at 22 o clock.

Stay tuned for more info!
/Dem YR boys

X-mas Calendar Door #24

Merry christmas to all of you!

This is the end of our calendar for this year, but look at all these presents we’re giving you!


The new live album should appear on Spotify any day now:

In the meantime, download it on Bandcamp:


And the tracks from the X-mas calendar are also available now:


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