On the 27th of June, we had the release party for our 7″ vinyl “Fight The People” at Truckstop Alaska in Göteborg.

The party was a great success and the stage was also blessed by no less than THREE bands: RC FaceWarp Riders and SOB Pariassound.

Thanks to Nadja of A Cup Of Coffee And A Love Song for selling our merch.

(Also thanks to Zeb of Agaze for filling in for Nadja a little bit)


The home page hasn’t been updated for a while because of work on another site, which was very flashy (it did literally use Flash) but was ultimately discarded due to the high cost of the service used to create the site.

However, a new one (with a design based on the discarded site) will be created shortly so stay tuned. And remember…FIGHT THE PEOPLE!

/Them YR Boys


And yeah…Tobias isn’t our bass player anymore. In lieu of a full-time bass player, we’ve decided to use a bass pool consisting of substitute bass players. (And highly skilled ones to boot)


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